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Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
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Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
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Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
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Nov 14,2019
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What are Amino Acids?

Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Amino Acids are the fundamental building blocks of life. All growth, repair, and maintenance of your tissues, organs, and glands require absorption of large, daily quantities of these small molecules from your diet. Your body uses Amino Acids to construct thousands of vital enzymes and proteins that are essential to a healthy body and metabolism. Proteins and enzymes are made of varying combinations of the twenty primary Amino Acids. Of these twenty Amino Acids, eight of them are often referred to as "essential", because your body lacks the ability to synthesize them when they are absent from your diet. The normal functioning gastrointestinal tract must digest or "cut" the dietary protein you eat into very small pieces before they can be absorbed through your small intestine. After absorption into the blood stream, these Amino Acids are transported to cells in every part of your body.

Question: Why do I need an Amino Acid supplement?

As mentioned, your body maintains its supply of Amino Acids by the digestion and absorption of your dietary protein. Many factors from inborn metabolic disease to ailments as simple as having an upset stomach can greatly limit your body's ability to digest and absorb Amino Acids from this dietary protein. Thus, you will often hear your nutritionists saying, "You are what you absorb, not what you eat." Periods of high stress and/or trauma dramatically increase you body's need for Amino Acids while simultaneously reducing its ability to absorb them. For this reason, hospitals and physicians use Amino Acid supplementation to assist with recovery and relief from many disease conditions and ailments. Using an AmCaid proprietary Amino Acid supplement guarantees that these vital nutrients are immediately available in a form that is readily absorbed.

Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Question: Why should I supplement with free Amino Acids instead of protein?

Using the instructional code contained in your DNA, your cells perform complex multi-phase processes called Transcription and Translation to produce vital proteins and enzymes. Your cells absorb free Amino Acids from your blood, which then are linked together into chains called polypeptides. When the cell finishes processing a polypeptide chain, the final product is one of many functional proteins and enzymes that can be used by the cell or secreted to assist in your body's growth and/or regulation of metabolic processes. Supplementation insures the presence of these free Amino Acids, thus improving the efficiency of your body's growth and metabolic functioning.

Question: What about FDA approval of this product?

Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition The FDA does not have an official approval system for products it considers dietary supplements. Currently, Amino Acids are classified by the FDA as dietary supplement, even though they are widely prescribed in clinical situations. However, both the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and ANA (American Nutraceutical Association) highly recommend that all supplements be created under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) guidelines. AmCaid's product lines are formulated using the latest scientific and medical knowledge available to insure optimal results from our products. As a commitment to surpassing FDA requirements AmCaid has sought out and contracted with Pfizer for the manufacture of our product line. This collaboration insures that AmCaid products meet the highest GMP standards and have the backing of Pfizer's Product Liability Guarantee.

Question: Where does AmCaid get its Amino Acids?

The Dietary Supplement Verification Program (DSVP) launched the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) in 2001 to help dietary supplement manufacturers guarantee that their products meet stringent standards and truly contain all ingredients declared on the label. The DSVP exists to inform and safeguard the growing number of people who use dietary supplements. The USP is an independent non-governmental organization, which provides strict product standards governed by federal law for prescription drugs and dietary supplements. AmCaid uses only USP pharmaceutical grade Amino Acids to ensure the purity and consistency of our products. The use of these USP grade materials guarantees that this product is free of bacterial, viral, and BSE-type contaminants and is of the most consistent and highest quality.

Question: Isn't this product pricey relative to other supplements?

AmCaid has made an overriding commitment to the quality of our products and to your health and safety. Although cheaper materials and manufacturing processes are available, the AmCaid family is committed to the highest standards and will not compromise on quality for profit. However, since our innovative Liquid Capsule provides for 80% absorption versus 15% for a powder form tablet, AmCaid products are worth every penny. This difference in absorption equates to your body receiving 500% more Amino Acid per dose than if you took another brand. Simply put, you would have to take five times the quantity of a powder form tablet to achieve the same effects as you receive with AmCaid's products.

Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Question: Is it safe for me to be taking Amino Acid supplements?

Fortunately, you cannot be allergic to Amino Acids; over 90% of you body is constructed with these molecules. Since allergic reactions might be the result of additives other than Amino Acids, AmCaid's products are made with 100% vegetarian capsules and contain no fillers or preservatives of any kind. Your body also naturally has the ability to selectively absorb and use these nutrients when they appear in you blood stream. The remainder or unused Amino Acids are processed and excreted from your body without harm. As a reminder, AmCaid's products are designed to be supplements and are not intended to replace any part of a healthy well balanced diet. If you are on a restricted diet or have any significant health issues, be sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition Question: Is absorption important in Amino Acid nutrition?

Digestion of your dietary protein begins with the physical tearing crushing of food in the mouth. After you swallow, the food moves down the esophagus into your stomach. Gastric acid and pepsin, a protein "cutting" enzyme, are secreted by the stomach and begin to break down this protein into smaller fragments. After an adequate amount of time the partially digested food is allowed to enter the small intestine. Once inside the small intestine, the pancreas secretes additional "cutting" enzymes called proteases to continue the digestive break-up of this dietary protein. Dietary protein typically starts as chains hundreds of amino acids long. When these proteins have finally been cut into pieces less than three amino acids long, the body can finally begin to absorb them. Any number of gastrointestinal tract ailments and/or poor eating habits will greatly reduce the efficiency of your body's ability to perform this highly complex and lengthy process.

AmCaid's Amino Acids are in a form that is readily absorbed without the need of digestive processing by the body. The use of Licap® technology also effectively escorts the more reactive Amino Acids past the highly acidic churnings of the stomach and delivers them safely to your small intestine where they are easily absorbed into your blood stream. Other supplement products that are allowed to pass unprotected through the stomach are broken down by the gastric acid and can no longer be selectively transported into you blood.

What should I know before using dietary supplement?
  • Remember: Safety First. Some supplement ingredients, including nutrients and plant components, can be toxic based on their activity in your body. Do not substitute a dietary supplement for a prescription medicine or therapy.
  • Think twice about chasing the latest headline. Sound health advice is generally based on research over time, not a single study touted by the media. Be wary of results claiming a "quick fix" that depart from scientific research and established dietary guidance.
  • Learn to Spot False Claims. Remember: "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Some examples of false claims on product labels:
    1. Quick and effective "cure-all."
    2. Can treat or cure disease.
    3. "Totally safe," "all natural," and has "definitely no side effects."
    4. Limited availability, "no-risk, money-back guarantees," or requires advance payment.
  • More may not be better. Some products can be harmful when consumed in high amounts, for a long time, or in combination with certain other substances.
  • The term "natural" doesn't always mean safe. Do not assume that this term ensures wholesomeness or safety. For some supplements, "natural" ingredients may interact with medicines, be dangerous for people with certain health conditions, or be harmful in high doses. For example, tea made from peppermint leaves is generally considered safe to drink, but peppermint oil (extracted from the leaves) is much more concentrated and can be toxic if used incorrectly.

Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
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Low Price Amino Acids Vitamins & Nutrition
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